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About Saab 35 Draken



Export versions

About this simulation

Flight dynamics

Limits and restrictions


First startup

Texture resolution


Model and textures


Interior model

Exterior model

Repaint kit

Features and special effects

Options panel




Drop tanks

Drag chute

Contrails and smoke

Chocks and covers

Pilot animations

System description

Cockpit overview

Warning and indicator lights

Hydraulic system

Electrical system

Emergency Power Unit (EPU)

Fuel system


Landing gear

Flight data system

FLI 35 system

PN-594/A navigation radar



Other instruments

Stall warning system

Oxygen system

Radar system


Normal operating procedures

Before starting the engine

Starting the engine

Taxi and takeoff




Final approach and landing

Emergency procedures

Hydraulic system failure


Engine fire


Appendix 1: Prepar3D Commands

Appendix 2: J 35J procedure check lists

Appendix 3: FR28 Radio channels

Appendix 4: PN-594 Navigation channels

Appendix 5: Cockpit glossary

Appendix 6: Technical data

Flight Manual: Saab 35 Draken 5.0Updated: 2019-11-02

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