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Appendix 4: PN-594 Navigation channels

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Flight Manual: Saab 35 Draken 5.0Updated: 2019-11-02

Model and textures


Interior model

Exterior model

Repaint kit


The 3D model for Draken was modeled in Autodesk Gmax based on original Saab drawings and technical manuals, numerous photos, and many hours spent in Draken cockpits.

MISSING GRAPHIC: ../graphics/50_gmax.jpg

Fig. 13 -  The exterior model in Gmax

The textures were mostly hand-painted in Adobe Photoshop based on photos and illustrations. Photos were not used directly for texturing, with the exception of some minor parts of the panel backgrounds and some of the decals on the wings and tail fin. All photos are either taken by Bookmark or in the public domain.

We have not knowingly put anything into Draken that we do not have the right to use and distribute, but there is always the possibility that we overlooked something. If you find anything in the installation package (or in this manual) that you belive is a copyright violation on our part, please let us know.

Interior model

The virtual cockpit is (in our eyes at least) a realistic rendering of what you would see in the real 35J cockpit. Some compromises regarding the placement of items in the cockpit were necessary to allow for better functionality, such as relocating some panels that otherwise would have been obscured.

MISSING GRAPHIC: ../graphics/50_interior.jpg

If you move your eyepoint around in the VC you can see some parts of the wings and fuselage. People using headtracking applications such as TrackIR or Freetrack may appreciate this.

Exterior model

The exterior models and texture sets in this installation package include four distinguished aircraft from the 10th Swedish Air Force wing (F10) in Ängelholm, Sweden:

Repaint kit

A repaint kit is available as a separate download. It consists of a number of multi-layered PSD files and three custom fonts for lettering.

MISSING GRAPHIC: ../graphics/50_repaintkit.jpg

Fig. 19 -  Repaint kit in Adobe Photoshop.

When creating textures with the repaint kit you may find that the texture mapping of the model is not optimal. You are welcome to send us suggestions on how to improve this.

Custom fonts

The three included TrueType fonts can be used for creating lettering in your repaints.

Please note that the EULA also applies to the fonts. You are not allowed to distribute the fonts or use them for commercial purposes without our consent.

FV F1281

Swedish Air Force standard lettering, ca. 1964 (mil standard F1281). Used mainly for division numbers and lettering on the fuselage.

FV Justusson

Modular numerals intended for the large vinyl-film identification numbers on the wings. Named after Sverker Justusson who invented this system in 1977.


Based on numerals used by the Austrian Air Force for the last two flying Draken divisions. You can use this font to create 35OE repaints.

MISSING GRAPHIC: ../graphics/fonttest_2013.jpg

Fig. 20 -  Custom fonts in the paintkit