Flight Manual: Saab 35 Draken FSX 4.1Updated: 2014-12-22

Emergency procedures

Hydraulic system failure

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If both of the hydraulic systems fail, elevon and rudder control will be drastically reduced and the landing gear has to be extended and locked manually.

  1. Autopilot OFF.

  2. RAT OFF.

  3. Fly to the nearest airfield ASAP.

  4. Flying horizontally, move the gear lever to the extend position to release the gear and hatches.

  5. Pull up to ca 4 G to make the gear extend completely.

  6. Toggle the emergency gear lock lever NÖDLUFT LANDSTÄLL to lock the extended gear (this will also extend and lock the spurwheel).

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  7. Check that the gear indicator shows green lights for at least the main gear and nose gear.

  8. After touchdown, use drag chute to brake.

  9. Shut off engine when the nose wheel is on the runway.


    Restart procedure:
  1. Press TÄNDSTRÖM (Restart) for 2 seconds.

  2. Throttle between 55 % and 100 %.

  3. Close the external fuel valves (check FT warning light lit).

  4. Emergency electrical bus ON.

  5. Maintain (if possible) airspeed 0.75—0.80 M.

    When engine has started and rpm is above 30 % :

  6. Alternator ON.

  7. Emergency electrical bus OFF.

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Fig. 125 -  Engine control panel

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Fig. 126 -  External fuel valve switch and warning light

    If engine does not start within 30 seconds:
  1. Throttle idle.

  2. Drop external tanks.

  3. Wait 5—10 seconds.

  4. Repeat Restart procedure.

Engine fire

One or both engine fire warning lights (BRAND MOTOR)

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Fig. 127 -  Engine fire warning

  1. Reduce throttle to minimum needed power.

  2. Close the afterburner fuel valves.

  3. Land immediately.

  4. Shut down the engine and leave the aircraft.

Afterburner pump fire warning light (BRAND EBK P)

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Fig. 128 -  Afterburner pump fire warning

  1. Close the afterburner fuel valve.

  2. Reduce throttle to minimum needed power.

  3. Press the fire extinguisher switch.

  4. Land immediately.

  5. Shut down the engine and leave the aircraft.