Flight Manual: Saab 35 Draken FSX 4.1Updated: 2014-12-22


This is a complete package with model, textures, flight dynamics, panel, sounds and effects. No other files are required except Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX).

  1. Double-click the installer executable and follow the on-screen instructions.

    The installer will try to locate the path to your FSX root directory. If you did not install FSX in the default location you may have to enter the path manually, for example D:\FSX(without a trailing slash).

  2. Click Next to accept the installation path, and Start in the following dialog box. The installer will now install all files in their correct locations.

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Fig. 3 -  Installation dialogs

Windows 7/Vista file permissions

Depending on your configuration of Windows and where you installed FSX, the configuration file for Draken may be write-protected. In this case the cockpit switches, radio frequency settings, etc. will not be saved between sessions and will default to zero.

The user access rights system in Windows prevents processes from changing files inside the Program Files folder. It is therefore recommended not to install FSX in the default location, but in another folder directly under C: or (preferably) on a separate drive.

If you have installed FSX in the default folder and you don't want to re-install it, here's a quick solution: Right-click on the Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Gauges folder, uncheck the read-only flag, click OK and confirm in the next dialog that you want to apply changes to all files in the folder (you will have to provide Administrator permission to do this).

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Fig. 4 -  Changing file attributes in Windows 7

Windows 8

The original version of Flight Simulator X was released for Windows XP, while the two service packs and the Acceleration upgrade were released during the brief Vista era. So Windows 7 and Flight Simulator were not ever on the same map, never mind Windows 8.

That said, FSX is reportedly working just fine under Windows 8 and so should Draken, provided that you follow the advice above regarding file permissions in Win7/Vista. Although the access rights system is slightly different in Windows 8, the general principle should be the same.


To uninstall any version of Draken, open the program installation control panel in Windows and select the entry for that version, then click Uninstall. This will remove all files and folders that were installed by the Draken installer.

Remember to back up any modifications that you wish to keep, such as modifications to the Aircraft.cfg file or textures that have been changed in the original folders. Files and folders that you may have added after installation (such as additional textures, sounds, effects, etc.) will not be affected by the uninstaller.

If you have multiple versions of Draken installed in FSX, using the control panel to uninstall one version may in some cases delete files that belong to other versions.

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Fig. 5 -  The uninstall dialog in Windows 7 (Swedish version, sorry)